Mystery to Mastery: Ideation to Productization Playbook

Pijush Gupta & Mahuya Ghosh
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☛ Ever thought of building your dream products?

☛ Ever thought of the lost opportunities to Innovate and disrupt the market?

☛ Ever wondered if there was an Innovation Blueprint that you could borrow & launch your dream product?

If you answer 'Yes’ to any of the above, then ‘Mystery to Mastery’ is just for you. This book is a practical guide for Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Product Managers, Dreamers & the Heroes to integrate Design Thinking into their psyche to ideate, productize and launch beautiful products that customers fall in love with. 

Mystery to Mastery – Ideation to Productization Playbook bundled with The Innovation Toolkit, is the one-stop, mega resource that has all of the tools you need to successfully build and launch your dream products!

The best part? You don't have to wait for a thick & a heavy book to come in the mail. With just a few clicks, The Innovation Playbook and the Toolkit can be yours!   

Book Reviews:

"An excellent book that I found provoking and it will definitely come into use for me. It has clear structure and contains examples coupled with really great templates. This book has a simple analogy for the concept and you can literally close the book and start applying it. Well done guys it is a great read."
Julie McMahon - Senior Manager @ Dell

"In this world where organizations are experiencing acute shortage of game changing approach and ideas to define growth areas; "Mystery to Mastery" forces them to relook at everything. This book is a "how-to" compendium of how to go about generating a steady stream of validated product ideas."
Pinaki Gupta  - Chief of Operations & Business Head @ Tata Interactive Systems

“Very useful and highly informative. Really like the useful ideation of coming out with the analytic and creative things using the right side of brain. It will have the positive impact on the attitude and performance of an employee. Lots of brainstorming and ideas should converge at this point and leads to the high performance and key deliverables.”

Gaurav Sinha - SAS Professional @ Accenture

“Nicely explained in simple terms, it was a great read for us, very insightful on the process and orientation for building the great products. With very deep understanding of the concept, authors have a done a best job with great examples. This edition definitely helps the budding entrepreneurs and product managers master the mystique's of productization.”

Harinder B - Sr. Product Manager @ Sparc Technologies

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Mystery to Mastery: Ideation to Productization Playbook

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